Loyalty Program

Terms and Conditions for Loyalty Program and Locked Staking


Minimum amount of $PARAS staked


500 $PARAS

1,000 $PARAS

3,000 $PARAS

Minimum locked staking duration


30 Days

30 Days

30 Days

  1. Loyalty level will be determined based on the amount of $PARAS locked staking.

  2. Users who stake $PARAS without locking it will be considered Bronze level.

  3. During the determined raffle registration period, Silver, Gold, and Platinum members will have a chance to sign up and enter an exclusive raffle.

  4. Silver, Gold, and Platinum members can log in to Paras Marketplace, and sign up for the exclusive raffle through a pop-up banner on Paras homepage or a raffle registration notification.

  5. Silver, Gold, and Platinum members must click ‘Sign Up’ on the pop-up banner or the notification box to join the exclusive raffle.

  6. Silver and Gold members who top up their locked staking and level up during the raffle registration period are eligible to re-register for the higher level raffle. If they do not sign up for the new level, they will be automatically enrolled in the previous level (Silver or Gold).

  7. 1 (one) user can only win 1 (one) raffle prize per month.

More details about locked staking:

  1. Locked staking does not allow users to unlock before the end date of the locked staking period.

  2. When users top up the locked staking amount, the period will be reset.

  3. When users do not unstake their $PARAS after the locked staking period ends, the $PARAS will automatically move into flexible staking within 1x24 hours after the locked staking period ends.

  4. Users can do locked staking without reducing their $PARAS on the flexible staking by using the remaining $PARAS in their wallet.

  5. Users can directly put the existing $PARAS in their wallet into locked staking without joining the flexible staking.

  6. The amount of 'Claimable Rewards' on the staking page is an accumulation of flexible staking and locked staking rewards. Users can claim the rewards without unlocking $PARAS.

  7. By participating in this program, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Paras Loyalty.

  8. The terms and conditions of this program are subject to changes at any time without prior notice.

  9. Paras’ decision regarding the raffle and the winner list is considered final and cannot be appealed nor contested.

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