Guide for users in Paras Marketplace

What is Paras?

Paras is a digital art card marketplace built on blockchain technology that offers true ownership and digital scarcity. Paras use NEAR cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange between creators and collectors to support cross border transactions.

How do I become a collector?

You will need NEAR account & some NEAR coin to start collecting the digital cards. You can start exploring the marketplace and find the card collectibles that you like and see if it is still available for sale. You can buy the digital card from other collectors or straight from the creators. When you bought one, that card will truly be yours and you can hold it, sell it or trade it in the future.

How do I make a digital art card?

A digital art card on Paras follows the format of real world trading cards which are in portrait with ratio 64 : 89. The maximum file size is 30MB. Currently Paras only support image format such as .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gifs, etc. Videos are not yet supported.

I'm an artist, how do I get verified?

To get verified, you only need to do these steps:

  1. Use a profile picture

  2. Fill in your Bio

  3. Link to your social media on your Paras profile (Twitter and Instagram)

  4. Link to your website (not required but will increase your chances of getting verified)

  5. You need to create at least 3 NFTs on Paras.

After all requirement above fulfilled, you can go here.

How to join the Paras NFT Staking Partner?

  • A project or independent artist can fill in this form.

  • 3 new collections will be announced every week; chosen by a fair scoring system, considering floor price, total volume, etc.

  • The staking submission and will open every Sunday-Monday (1 PM UTC).

I had joined Paras Discord, but I can't chat. What should I do?

After joining Paras Discord, you need to do some task before you can chat anywhere:

  1. Then send message to channel #greet-the-community, and you're good to go.

If by any means you still can chat after doing steps above, you can DM @ekkirinaldi for help.

Does Paras allow AI-generative software for NFTs creationlike Artbreeder,, Nvidia GAN?

The topic of AI-generative software is still a grey area. We would like artists to check particular TOS regarding using the assets for commercial usage. Some of these software usually have different TOS. Check them first before using and selling your arts.

How to determine my daily rewards on $PARAS staking and NFTs staking?

To calculate your daily rewards for $PARAS staking: Weekly rewards/7share percentage (your staked $PARAS/total staked $PARAS) To calculate your daily rewards for NFTs staking: Weekly rewards/7share percentage (your Pts/ total Pts staked).

I cannot login to PARAS and I receive notifications regarding my ledger. What should I do?

You can clear your cache on your browser. Then, you can try to login to NEAR and Paras again .

I'd like to launch my own NFTs with NEP-171 standard on NEAR, does Paras have a launchpad?

Yes, we have. Below are DAO and launchpad projects that help you launch a project with the same standards as Paras

  • Cover: 1152 x 288

  • Logo: 150 x 150

What is maximum characters for collection description and NFT description?

  • Collection Desc: no max, but will be truncated after 8 lines (around 450 char)

  • NFT Description: max 600 chars

Does Paras has a specific requirement for NFT item?

Max file size 30mb, max royalty 90% and 10 account

How many attributes we can add?

There are no limit for attributes you can add.

I need Paras brand for my project release, where I can get icons and other supporting materials?

You can download our branding materials here.

I log in with email; what is "Sign" mean, and what it does?

Login to web3 products usually requires a crypto Wallet, we have a partnership with Ramper to make a wallet easier for the user. "Sign" is an authentication process for logging in to a Paras account with your wallet. No need to worry about it.

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