2. Wallet

What’s a wallet?

We all know what banks manage, store and track your financial funds. A wallet is like a bank except you are the bank. You’re in charge of your funds. With that comes great responsibility but, have no fear, we cover how you can stay safe.

A wallet is also a form of identification throughout the

Web3 space. Whatever you do in this space will involve your wallet. It’s your passport to all things web3. Your wallet is your access point to everything to do with NFTs: it is where you exchange tokens, purchase NFTs, and store these assets.

What types of wallets are out there?

There are many different types of Near wallets. On Paras, you can connect to a variety of wallets. For beginners, we recommend Near Wallet. These wallets are typically available as a browser extension and/or phone app, which you can easily connect to Paras. With

$NEAR in your wallet, you’ll be able to buy NFTs.

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